Our sister-journey in photos

Debbi & Michelle

Debbi & Michelle's "first date" "Crime Watch Daily" Savannah 2016

"On the Case with Paula Zahn"

Det. Erika Hutchcraft, Det. Carol Daly, Jane, Paula Zahn, Debbi, Michelle, D.A. Anne Marie Schubert Jan 2017

Jane & Michelle 2017
1st CrimeCon

Jane, Michelle & Debbi CrimeCon 2017 Indianapolis

Michelle & Jane with Nancy Grace at CrimeCon 2017

The Golden State Killer Panel

Mike Morford completed the team at CrimeCon '17!

Jane & Deb on the set of "Unmasking a Killer"

Jane & Debbi welcome Margaret to the Sisterhood!

Deb & Michelle taping "Golden State Killer- It's Not Over"

Margaret with Retired Det. Carol Daly for "People Magazine Investigates"

The first "nice" dinner the 4 of us shared! L.A. 2017

Jane & Debbi on set

"Megyn Kelly TODAY" with Inv. Paul Holes NYC 2018

Jane & Debbi on set

"Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield" NYC 2018

Sister Survivors!

Sister Survivors celebrating the capture at CrimeCon 2018 Nashville

At CrimeCon 2018

All 4 of us at CrimeCon 2018 Nashville, TN

Debbi & Michelle at CrimeCon's Podcast Row Nashville 2018

Jane - "Frozen in Fear"

Jane at her "Frozen in Fear" booksigning Barnes & Noble Sacramento (Birdcage) 2018